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Only the best equipment deserves the name Seyller 

Today's mobile repair industry requires more than a service truck. It calls for a service solution rugged enough to reach the most desolate locations and innovative enough to support complex diagnostic equipment and in-field repairs. When downtime is cutting into your bottom line you don't want just another service body. You need a Seyller body.  

Setting the Standard in Custom Quality

Since 1979, Seyller Bodies has revolutionized the mobile repair industry by focusing on a custom and quality solution for each owner. Built on a proven time tested design that ensures longevity. The process starts with the owner and operator working with our knowledgeable build team to adapt our rugged design to create the perfect solution for their application. With thousands of units in the field and an average service life of 20 years, our owner community will attest that Seyller Bodies are an investment in adaptable service solutions that are built to last and designed to modernize and support their changing industry.

"Resto-Mod" Re-chassis program 

Seyller Bodies normally outlast their original truck chassis. To keep these units on the road the Resto-mod program was developed, providing customers with a comprehensive restoration of their service body at a cost effective price. 

A product worthy of the Seyller name

If you are an owner or operator, looking for a quality service solution, contact us to take advantage of our three generations of excellence. We look forward to being your partner in profitability.

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